Watches - Where to begin?

We love watches. Not only are they great accessories, but they are so practical! In this digital age, the presence of a watch can be grounding - a way to disconnect from digital devices. There are some key points about watches which are worth considering in order to give your watch the best care possible - or to help when choosing a new watch. We have already covered care tips for your jewellery (you can read that here if you missed it), now these are the main features we think every watch owner and lover should know about. Enjoy!

- Water Resistance

None of the watches we sell at Nangar Gems and considered water proof, but rather water resistant. So while some are able to withstand the pressure of 10ATM (the equivalent pressure to 100m depth), you still want to be aware of the water that comes into contact with the watch. While washing your hands or swimming in cold water is perfectly fine for these, they are not steam-proof. Hot water is the cause of a foggy watch face - steam from the water can by-pass seals and cause damage. Unsure of your watches' water resistancy? Most brands include this information on the case-back - flip your watch over and have a read!

- Band Materials

We sell watches with steel bracelets, leather bands, ceramic links, and NATO straps.
When choosing a watch, consider what kind of wear and tear it will be subjected to. If it's only to be worn as a dress watch (i.e. for special occasions), any band will be suitable. However if it will be a work-wear item, stainless steel is generally best as it is durable and waterproof. Leather bands can look classy but will deteriorate if regularly exposed to water. Ceramic is a very strong and scratch-resistant material, but should not be subjected to heavy impacts (such as being dropped on a hard surface). Giving these materials proper consideration can not only help when choosing a new watch, but can also be useful for taking care of existing timepieces.







Watch Straps

Want to check out some of our watches? Olivia Burton have gorgeous, feminine design with pastel colours and floral dials; Christian Paul showcase on-trend designs and minimalist styles, with interchangeable bands.

Bering have a variety of high-quality, durable designs with slimline cases; or if you want a fashionable watch with a classic yet preppy feel - head on over to Daniel Wellington.

With even more watches in store, you're sure to find a style to match your personality. Happy Shopping!

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