Taking care of your jewellery

As a jewellery store, we get asked a lot of questions about cleaning and taking care of items by  customers!  So this entry is going to be a crash-course on treating your jewellery well and maintaining that beautiful finish. The most important rule with jewellery is to avoid chemicals!! While harsh chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, and other cleaning agents are to be avoided at all costs, chemicals in perfumes and moisturisers can also discolour and damage your jewellery - it's a good idea to put your jewellery on last before going out. Other materials have their own specific needs on top of this - it is best to avoid getting leather wet, and pearls are very sensitive to temperature and abrasive materials. Sleeping in jewellery is not recommended either, as you could bend or break a piece without realising!

If your jewellery is in need of a clean, you can either bring your branded jewellery into our store or try a home remedy! One of the safest ways to clean most jewellery (not for pearls or plated items - give us a buzz if you are unsure!) is with mild liquid soap / detergent and warm water. Soft toothbrushes are ideal for cleaning as they can get into hard-to-reach places! Once your items are clean, pat them with a soft cloth to dry thoroughly. If you have a silver jewellery polishing cloth, this can finish off your cleaning by removing watermarks and giving some shine!

Proper storage can also help your jewellery - keep items in seperate pouches or sections of your jewellery box in an area free of excessive moisture, heat or light. Hopefully you find this helpful, and if you need any further information on caring for your specific items our staff will be more than happy to help!

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