What's on this month at Nangar Gems

We are already hitting the half-yearly mark - what happened to the last 5 months?! As we are getting ready for the second half of the year, let’s take a look at what’s currently happening at Nangar Gems.

New Pandora Launch

The exciting new launch from Pandora has just hit our stores! It’s a celebration of love and life, with festival-inspired designs bringing some much needed fun and colour to the winter months. They’ll also give you a bit of the travel bug thanks to cute New York and Vegas themed charms. My personal favourites are the coffee cup, popcorn bucket and the ‘Best Friends' burger and fries charm (a bit of a hint at how much I love food!). To make room for new launches they have been discontinuing some older styles - ask us in-store which charms have reached “Last Chance to Buy” status to avoid missing out on your favourites.

Rainbow Festival

AfterPay and ZipPay Now In-store

We have had afterPay on our online shop for a while, and now we are happy to announce it’s arrival in-store. These are both great budgeting tools and fun lay-by alternatives as they allow you to take your jewellery with you straight away.

 after pay & zipPay

June Birthstones

The birthstone for this month is grey moonstone or pearl. These are said to represent good fortune and purity respectively. Our most popular birthstone range is from our Pandora Jewellery collection, with rings, earrings, charms and pendants for each month (see the image below for some styling ideas). We also have plenty of pearls for lovers of the classics!

June Birthstones

This month is set to be an exciting one - see us in-store for gifts or to treat yourself, and grab some new season brochures while you’re at it! Follow Nangar Gems on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to hear about events, launches and more.

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