The Evolution of the Snake

 When Thomas Sabo launched in 1984, their focus was on truly unique designs. Their now-iconic snake design is definitely that! After some initial designs the Seduction collection was born - a range of sterling silver jewellery featuring snakes in plain silver or set with glistening black stones, to be layered with a deep red enamelled apple pendant. Here we will take you on a journey through the changes this well-known style has seen through the years up to our most recent collection to land in store and online.

Snake and Apple pendants

"All Thomas Sabo collections bear the unmistakable signature of the company founder: a unique mix of glamour and Rock ‘n’ Roll, nostalgia and the modern. With a sensitivity for trends, flawless attention to detail and a passion for jewellery, Thomas Sabo not only gave Sterling silver a whole new look in the 1980s, he also gave it a whole new significance."

Silver Snake Ring

Variations of the shape and position of the snake were created, including styles more angled towards the Rebel at Heart aesthetic - bold unisex sterling silver pieces with oxidised details. Leaving the dainty coiled snakes behind, these are rock and roll pieces with fangs and textured scales.

 Rebel at Heart Snakes

In more recent years the snake has been given many makeovers - the launch of tropically-themed collections about 3 years ago saw a bright new snake set with blue and green coloured stones and enamels. This later was also available with a gold finish and a mixed coloured stones. Most pendant designs by this point had stopped using the classic Thomas Sabo parrot clasp and simply thread onto their chain. 

Thomas Sabo Tropical Snake Ring

This was the beginning of a plethora of fresh snake designs in a range of colours, using both the traditional body shape and then transforming into a more modern, almost minimalistic design with clean sharp lines and polished finished. Still looking fabulous when paired with a red apple, of course!

Minimalist Snake Jewellery

In 2020 we saw the reintroduction of more traditional Thomas Sabo designs - a very exciting event for lovers of past designs who now once again have the opportunity to purchase favourites like the opening orb and sword designs. This has also meant a return to that traditional, black cubic zirconia-set snake design from the first Seduction range, and the apple pendant set in deep red enamel. A new yellow gold-finish apple also adds amazing styling options for those who love gold and two-tone looks.

Apple Pendants

Finally we come to the most recent Thomas Sabo launch and the stunning new snake and key pendant! A mixture of silver and yellow gold finish and opulent stones mean this new addition is sure to stand out, and we love this coming together of iconic Thomas Sabo motifs. As lovers of the brand we find it so exciting to see each new iteration and fresh reimagining of the snake design and are excited to see what they create in the future.

Apple and Key Pendant

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