The Big Brand Sale

It's that time of year again - and we sure do love a good mid-year sale!

As a company, we avoid discounting our items through the year, and for a long time we didn't run a mid-year sale either. Not only has this made this sale super exciting, but it has also made their impact on our stock easy to analyse. It's out with the old, in with the new! We decided to give it a go after Pandora ran their first ever sale - a brand that had never previously discounted stock at all running a country-wide sale. The result was a refreshed collection; the discontinued pieces were gone and the focus was all about the future.

What goes on sale?

The Big Brand Sale is for discontinued brands, lines and products. When Najo, for example, discontinue a style of ring, we would like to sell out of these so that we can replace old items with new, exciting pieces and on-trend styles. It can be sad to see an old favourite go, but this creates room in their range for something new.

In other circumstances, a whole brand may be no longer available to us; this can happen with small boutique brands that may have only ever intended to produce jewellery for a few seasons. The last few pieces from ranges such as this will then go on sale to clear room for either a new range, or to expand on our existing brands. Cabinet space is valuable!

We are pretty excited to see what will be in the future for Thomas Sabo - they have discontinued a large number of pieces this year so we are expecting a huge launch soon!

When can I start shopping?

The Big Brand sale will run from the 23rd of June until the end of July - come in during this time for great deals! You can also have a look on our website; while this won't show all available products, it will give you a good range of sale items to choose from.

There will be no returns or exchanges on sale items - we have a full list of terms and conditions in both of our stores for you to have a look at.

Big Brand Sale

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