"La Luz" - our favourites from Najo's new range

"To love beauty, is to see light."

- Victor Hugo


Najo's new collection has reached our Dubbo store and we have fallen in love! Meaning "The Light", "La Luz" is full of highly polished, sculptural silver pieces. While you'll find none of Najo's well-know oxidised and patterned style, this range definitely stays strong with their aesthetic by using bold designs and eye-catching stones.

You can see our range online, or see below for our top picks!

Najo Amazonia Earrings

The Amazonia Earrings

Najo have used a few new stones in this range - Amazonite is definitely our favourite! It's bright colour couples perfectly with polished silver, and makes these drop earrings very eye-catching.

Daria Necklace

The Daria Necklace

This silver necklace ticks all of the boxes. It's chunky, the chain is adjustable, and it has a touch of rose gold! It also matches with a lot of Najo's earrings - all in all a very easy-to-wear piece.

Najo Blush Cuff

The Blush Cuff

Kunzite is another new stone we are seeing in La Luz. Anything this stone features in has become a favourite! The pink / lilac hues in this stone are simply stunning, and this cuff is the perfect way to show it off.

Najo Couture Necklace

The Couture Necklace (Pearl)

"Couture" is a collection within La Luz featuring polished, straight lines set with either pearls or reconstituted turquoise stones. This particular necklace makes our favourites list as we love the way such a classic piece has been recreated in such a modern way.

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