Keep the Force close with Star Wars x Pandora

The latest collection to land in our stores from Pandora is one that we are so very excited to announce! The Star Wars x Pandora collection includes 10 charms, a bracelet and an additional Collector’s Edition charm: the Star Wars logo in Pandora Shine. This special charm is limited edition, and will only be available until 31st December or while stock lasts.

 Star Wars x Pandora

“The Star Wars x Pandora collection takes a story that has long captured the imagination of so many worldwide and weaves the extraordinary imagination, richly-detailed characters and creatures and incredible adventures into stylish pieces that evoke the films’ spirit.”

Star Wars x Pandora 2 

“In creating the collection, Pandora’s designers collaborated closely with the Lucasfilm Ltd team to ensure every element of each detailed piece was considered and true to character.”

 Star Wars x Pandora Collectors Edition

“Will you choose the light side or the dark side? Are you part of the Rebel Alliance or are you with the Galactic Empire? Keep the Force close with Star Wars x Pandora.”


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