The four best ways to wear Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year

Designers, creatives, fashionistas and more await the yearly announcement from Pantone as they release what is to be the top colour of the year. This year they have chosen Classic Blue, so you can be sure to see it popping up everywhere in 2020! To celebrate the announcement of Classic Blue, we have put together four of our favourite ways to wear this colour with your jewellery collection.

 Pantone's Colour of the Year 2020

  1. Layer it with metallics

Classic blue looks fantastic with each of the main metallic tones - silver, gold and rose gold. Layer up mixed metals over a blue shirt or dress, or layer blue stones in amongst a mix of different coloured metals.

 Pandora Ring Stacks

  1. Add classic blue charms to your bracelet

Build on your existing bracelet and charm collections by adding classic blue enamels and stones. Whether you’re a fan of Pandora or Thomas Sabo we have plenty of options to freshen your look with new season colours!

 Classic Blue Pandora Jewellery Styling

  1. On your watch

Classic Blue works wonderfully as a versatile unisex colour. Our range of Bering watches has always included models with blue straps, blue faces, and often a combination of both of these. 

 Blue Bering Watches

  1. Embrace blue gemstones

Create a luxe look using ethically sourced gemstones - Australian sapphires range from deep navy to closer to a medium blue. Go for a vintage style ring surrounded by diamonds, or simple  solitaire studs. There are so many ways to wear sapphires so choose a design to suit your personality and style.

 Gold rings with Australian Sapphire

 Last year Pantone announced Living Coral as the colour of the year. You can read our blog about last year's fashion forecasts by clicking here! Keen to learn more about Classic Blue? Read these great articles from Time Magazine and Domain.

Cakes by Amy Rutherford

Why stop at jewellery? This gorgeous creation from Cakes by Amy Rutherford shines with its blooms and Classic Blue colouring!

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