New jewellery and ideas to love from Najo

Najo is one of our most popular brands in our stores, and is a favourite on our online store nearly every month. So when we say that we are excited for their new launch to arrive, we know that you are too!

This month we welcome the New Moon launch - you can see the range on our online store by clicking here. Najo describe this stunning new collection and the feelings it invokes;

“New Moon bathes you in the invigorating beauty of glinting sterling silver jewellery silhouettes. Echoing the essence of each new moon, this radiant collection lifts the spirits with bold, sculptural pieces to inspire refreshing new looks.

From celestial crescents and lunar teardrops to luminous chains that symbolise strength - New Moon’s minimalist beauty ensures maximum impact by reflecting the optimism and energy of glittering rays from above.”

Najo New Moon Styled Photo

Najo have also announced a change in the way they will be launching their new products this year. In past years we have received two large launches - this will be changing into multiple smaller launches from this year. We think this is great as it means that we will have fresh new jewellery every month or so, constantly updating our collection and bringing you new designs to fall in love with! Does this move sound familiar? Pandora also have changed from a few large launches each year to multiple smaller launches. Their transition began a few years ago and we love the excitement of seeing new charms, rings, earrings and more nearly every month.

And of course we will be sure to keep older, favourite designs in stock for you to treat yourself and your loved ones. We would love to know what you think of the new range and of more frequent Najo launches - drop us a comment below!

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